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to very low single-digit temperatures. across the desert southwest, though, in los angeles, you've been seeing some heavy rain showers, flashflood watches in effect in southern california towards nevada and arizona due to the mon soona flow from the south. los angeles with a high of 29, denver at 32. look at houston. rather hot for you at 32 as well here on your monday. over towards europe, a very strong low-pressure area moving through the british isles. all due to this cold front in here. rain showers and thunderstorms activity is going to be expected. some gusty winds as well. what's fuelling this is the difference in temperatures. out ahead of it, rather warm, above average in places like germany and poland. take a look at london. as this front goes by on tuesday, only 17 for the high. paris at 20. expecting this to get down to right around 15 to 16 degrees going into wednesday for your high temperatures. definitely have a jacket ready as autumn sets in across western europe. here's your look at your forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in toky
. it will finish its journey in los angeles where it will permanently go on display. >> arctic ice has melted to a record low. scientists say summarize at the north pole is the thinnest it has ever been since satellite data collection began. researchers warn the decline will trigger more extreme global weather. many put it down to man-made global warming. >> unfortunate. >> with all of the attention on the eurozone crisis and questions about a future for the european project tummy may be surprised european union is moving ahead with expanding. >> croatia is set to join the european union next july and has been making moves to meet the necessary requirements. this week, the government slashed benefits for public- sector employees in an effort to reform state finances and make the economy more competitive. >> the croatian prime minister was in berlin to meet with the german chancellor, angela merkel. the top of the agenda -- european union membership. >> the two will have much more to do with each other after croatia joins the european union next summer. the block is going to one of the most di
at 33, houston at 33, as well, and los angeles at 29 on your tuesday. now towards europe, a frontal area pushing through portions of germany and poland here. this is going to be bringing some strong thunderstorms all along it. upwards of about 75 kilometer per hour winds, about 40 millimeters of rainfall, as well. what's fueling this as this tracks towards the east, bringing that rough weather towards the northern portions of italy and the balkans but also cooler temperatures behind it. london, your high on wednesday only 15. paris, you're at 19 as well. here's a look at your extended forecast. ♪ >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
in oklahoma city. very hot through houston as well as los angeles. much cooler for you in vancouver. 20 degrees. as for europe, going to be very stormy for central parts of the mediterranean. and then the remnants of another tropical system in iceland. up into norway as well. and temperatures are just about on average across the continent. here's the extended forecast. >>> our lead story for this hour, surveyors from tokyo have conducted a survey of the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands in the south china sea. tokyo governor ordered the inspection. he wants the metropolitan government to buy three uninhabited islands from a japanese family. the japanese government prohibited the 25-member team from landing. so they surveyed the area from their ships. some team members switched to smaller boats to study the waters and shore around the largest island. >> translator: we will use the data for the purchase and good use of the islands. >> sakamachi said they need to land to properly measure the island's size and inspect the ecosystem. the governor says he'll return next month. he's
't be getting any on your tuesday. oklahoma city reaching 39 degrees and los angeles looking at 29. a lot of these temperatures above average and very summer like. >>> moving over to the european continents, things are going to be very unstable over the mediterranean sea region. italy, you are going to be targeted with thunderstorms which could be severe to generate some very large sized hail and damaging gusts. gust could reach about 80 kilometers per hour. 111 kilometers per hour, winds have been recorded here in ireland. and that will be targeting the scandinavian peninsula next with that stormy condition. especially heavy rain found in norway. but much across the other portions, things are going to be fine looking, but hot here in athens and in lisbon at 35. here is our extended forecast. . >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30nutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
at 36 degrees and los angeles hitting 30, as well. here is your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
, oklahoma city and los angeles also in the same digits. okay, let's talk about tropical storm nadine over "the atlantic ocean. and this is affecting the a doors islands. it looks like it will be maintaining strength as a tropical storms so swells, rip currentses are things we want to be aware of, especially if you're on the coastal regions. notice european continent, things will be pretty wet across norway. this could actually turn to snow precipitation. across the british isles, you may see gusty and wet conditions. and across much of the east, due to the cold front sweeping across the regions you may see thunderstorms. but things are really chilling down in the central portions here in europe. here's our extended forecast. >> it's a problem that has el e eluded soldiers and politicians alike. perhaps sports teams will have a better chance. afghanistan has launched a national football league it hopes will bring the country together. it's called the afghan premiere league made up of eight regional teams. more than 3,000 people filled a stadium in kabul to watch the first game on tuesday.
it is enright to wra where it d will spend its days in retirement at the california science center in los angeles. looks very heavy. let's move back and talk about weather. things were rough in the eastern sea boards and that's going to be clearing off in here. a low-pressure system will be affecting much of ontario with a few showers. however, in back of it, pretty breezy conditions will be prevailing, so watch out for those items, especially for those of you in the eastern wyoming region. but nothing much to talk about here in this continent. and things are looking pretty fine with the temperatures, as well, especially in the eastern sea boards, washington at 25 degrees. winnipeg on the chillier side at 14 degrees. still pretty summer-like here in houston in the 30s. here's your extended forecast. ♪ >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo. for all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us.
to los angeles. this was a victory round. it and its carrier jet flew at low altitudes so spectators could get a great view. i have seen great pictures on facebook in the last hour appear the shuttle will retire to the california science museum where it is expected to remain earthbound for the rest of eternity. never got to ride on it. >> no, we never did. >> next time. thanks for watching. we will see you again at the top of the hour. >> you can see more on our website, dw.de. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--
locations. but exception is going to be the south. 33 in houston and 28 degrees expected in los angeles on monday. here's the extended forecast. >>> our lead stories this hour, chinese and japanese officials were to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic ties this week with a ceremony in beijing but organizers have called it off. the two sides can't get over their dispute on the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the association had planned the event for this thursday but staff say the organizers said they wanted to postpone the ceremony for awhile. embassy officials interpreted that to mean the event was canceled. the organizers said the japanese government had ruined the atmosphere for the ceremony. had china's leaders claim the island were chinese territory. former minister and other leaders will still meet with japanese members of the association. the state-run xinhua news agency quoted a spokesperson saying china remains committed to promoting friendship with japan. a senior japanese embassy official said the chinese want to use the private meetings to urge the japanese to compromise
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10